Monday, November 16, 2015

Building a Raised Garden on a Budget

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Most of my clients ask for a home where they can still commune with nature. In general, the people I’ve worked with wanted the safety and security of the city life but still longed for a piece of greenery. Unfortunately, most homes that are developed with a massive garden are generally pricier or in areas that are far from the business district. In a fair compromise, many homeowners are now looking for ways to build their own raised garden bed. These fairly small garden are quite easy to construct and are incredibly easy to maintain. Furthermore, as I tell my clients, these beds can be how big or small they want them to be.

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A raised bed does not have to be expensive either though I would recommend spending more on good, quality wood. This is truly the foundation of the project and must, therefore, be given the most consideration. It is important to note that government regulation boards have prohibited the selling of any wood that has been treated with toxic chemicals. New parents or those with pets must ask their wood vendor specifically for varieties that may be gnawed or scratched on. There are various eco-friendly alternatives available though these are typically few and far between.

Once the wood has been selected, there are several how-to videos or articles that can be explored. Many people recommend building a test base initially as most first attempts are poorly-constructed. One can also ask their local construction foreman for a referral.

Thomas Faw here. Having been a construction foreman for some time, I know what most homeowners are looking for and how I can help them achieve their goals. I share these insights on Twitter.